Issues: Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

I support a comprehensive energy plan, one that promotes responsible exploration and development while protecting the environment and consumers. I support conservation efforts, increasing research into renewable energy sources and relief for energy consumers in the wake of rising energy costs.


In Florida and throughout the country, consumers are facing painfully high prices for natural gas, gasoline, propane, heating oil, and diesel fuel. Surging oil prices make it more expensive for people to ship goods, travel, and drive their kids to school. High energy costs make it difficult for businesses to stay afloat during tough economic times and hamper our recovery.

Proposals that put consumers first and promote both energy security and environmental responsibility are my priorities. A responsible energy policy balances incentives for increased domestic energy production with initiatives for energy conservation and efficiency. A responsible energy policy also ensures that opportunities for energy infrastructure expansion do not come at the expense of critical protections for energy consumers.


Finally, I believe drilling off the coast of Florida is a detrimental environmental and economic miscalculation. Before any new areas are opened and Florida's pristine beaches are put at risk, I would very much like to see drilling in the areas that are already opened, and increased funding for research for new technologies. As seen by the BP oil spill disaster, the unforeseen cannot be anticipated. The last thing we need to do is endanger nearly one million jobs and the $65 billion tourism industry in our state. Along with my colleagues in the Florida delegation, I will do everything within my power to make sure that drilling does not take place anytime in the near or distant future off the coast of Florida.